Pump Room Pump


C Series

The C series of heavy-duty cargo pumps have been developed for high performance and long life.Naniwa Pump has been manufacturing such pumps in series for more than 25 years,many of which are in use in a large number of tankers,giving excellent services.

  • ● The centrifugal, axially split casing has a hydrodynamically well-balanced shape and excellent pumping efficiency and suction performance.
  • ● Compactness and light weight simplify pump room arrangement.
  • ● A relatively short shaft combines with a well-balanced integrated rotor unit to ensure low vibration. Corrosion is prevented since no part of the shaft comes into direct contact with the cargo oil.
  • ● The standard Ni-Ai-Bronze casing and impeller material has a tensile strength 2.4 times higher, 2.3 times harder and 4.8 times stronger in anti-corrosion properties than ordinary bronze.
  • ● A lubricating fluid system for mechanical seals protects the pump from accidental dry operation and maintains the optimum condition in any mode of operation. An oil pot is provided for filling of lubricating oil as well as for inspection of the mechanical seals.
  • ● Heavy-duty ball bearings are used due to heavy redial and thrust load of the impeller. Fans cool the bearings and the mechanical seal lubricating oil for safe operation over a long period.
  • ● The axially split casing allows overhaul without removing the intermediate shaft or piping. Replacement of the mechanical seals and bearings without removing the casing cover will result in quick and easy maintenance.
  • ● The pumps are normally delivered with high efficiency and high performing Naniwa-Mitsubishi steam turbines.