Naniwa Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. contributes to the happiness of every involved person,
promoting peace and prosperity of society through the development, design,
production and sales of pumps and related equipment to satisfied customers worldwide.


Our goal is to become
the world's premier supplier
of marine engine room pumps.

Quality Policy

We provide quality
that earns trust and
satisfaction of our customers

Greeting from Chairman

Since our establishment in 1951, we have pursued our corporate activities with the fundamental mission of contributing to the happiness of every involved person and promoting the peace and prosperity of society through the production and supply of pumps and related equipment.
In recent years, we have made significant progress toward the achievement of our vision by acquiring the top share in the Chinese market, which has the world’s largest annual shipbuilding volume. We have also turned our focus to the area of rapidly-changing marine environmental regulations by launching the Naniwa Ecological Operation Project, a project focused on innovation in environmental conservation and energy efficiency issues. The results of this have already led to sales of new products that have been installed in many kinds of ships. Naniwa Pump provides world-class quality and service in our quest to become the world’s premier supplier of marine engine room pumps. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Hiroshi Noguchi

Society is also our partner.
We are a pump manufacturer with deep community roots.

To Naniwa Pump Mfg., society as a whole is also our partner. We place great importance on HSE (health, safety, and the environment), and we strive to ensure safe and healthy lives for everyone, including every employee involved with our business and all citizens of the communities we serve.
We also make company-wide efforts to prevent workplace accidents and injuries and to reduce our environmental impact. And we are developing activities deeply rooted in the community in the areas we do business, including donations to social projects and programs, as well as volunteering and participation in local events.