Only One Pump
Moves The World.

At Naniwa Pump Mfg., we take pride in the variety of pumps we have made through our complete build-to-order system. We have provided more than 350,000 types of build-to-order pumps over our more than 70 years in business, and each pump has answered a user request and reflected our innovation and devotion.

Furthermore, we gain a full understanding of each users’ circumstances and place value on partnerships for long-lasting relationships. This enables us to keep parts in our warehouses so they can be supplied during maintenance times and to offer the technologies customers need in shipbuilding designs at just the right budget.

Today, tomorrow, and for decades to come. Inside the ship, and across the seas to all places you go. Each pump made by Naniwa Pump is one of a kind, and as it moves, we move the world.

Over 70 years of making products just right for the times.

The Naniwa Pump history is a legacy of innovations in development and manufacturing.

Naniwa Pump Mfg. also handles a large volume of marine pumps for corporate customers both in Japan and overseas. Our history began with production and sales of pumps for general household use. Since our founding we have upheld the principle of “customer first,” and throughout our history we have improved our technological capabilities by continuing to respond to the requests and issues our users face. With the key events of every age, various obstacles have arisen in our path. However, we have regarded every challenge as an opportunity to improve our technological capabilities, and overcoming those barriers has brought us to where we are today. As a result, we have established a leading position in China, which overtook Japan in shipbuilding volume in 2011. We have established offices in Shanghai, Hamburg, and now in Singapore, with numerous partner companies currently active throughout the world. Naniwa Pump Mfg. will pick up its pace even further to keep industry moving both in Japan and throughout the world.

Striving for new materials that are industry firsts. Innovation in pumps with the environment in mind.

We have listened closely to the requests of pump users and the issues they face, and promptly responded when they said, “I wish we had this kind of pump.” Our quests in new technologies and product manufacturing lead to new innovations in pumps. For example, we took on a new material that marked an industry first.
Today there are strict demands for light weight and efficiency, lower life-cycle cost, and environmental conservation. Our goal is to meet these demands and keep customers satisfied through innovation, so we are working to develop pumps that are just right for the current era’s increasing concerns about environmental destruction.

A complete build-to-order system
that has produced 350,000 designs.

We manufacture 15,000 build-to-order pumps per year.

One of the hallmarks of Naniwa Pump Mfg. is our complete build-to-order system through which we manufacture products designed specifically for customer needs. We manufacture about 15,000 pumps per year and have made more than 350,000 designs throughout our history. All of our products conform to global quality requirements. This means our quality benchmark for Naniwa Pump products is the global standard. Plus, we are committed to quality not only in development and manufacturing, but also in production efficiency. For example, we introduced state-of-the-art pump testing equipment in 2008 and 2012. This has enabled us to simultaneously test up to 13 large pumps in their actual operating state. Each and every pump we deliver is thoroughly checked for quality and performance in every process.

Annual Production Capacity

15,000 units Total
Centrifugal pumps 12,000 units
Gear & screw pumps 2,000 units
Others 1,000 units


Ship/Various industrial pumps
Centrifugal pumps
Gear & screw pumps
Piston pumps
Deep well pumps
Vacuum pumps
Associated Equipment
Steam Turbine
Hyd. Tank Unit
Central Priming System
Self Stripping System

Two production facilities in Japan
make our build-to-order system possible.

We have two production plants in Japan that support our build-to-order system. Our Mihara Works (in Osaka) was built in 1960. It handles basic pump design, product research and development, specific user needs, the supply of replacement parts, and more. It offers flexibility and mobility that takes advantage of its location in Osaka with our head office to facilitate specially-built pumps for each user.

Our Fukui Works (Sakai, Fukui), which went on line in 1974, has been active as the main factory producing medium and large sized marine pumps, while expanding and upgrading its equipment to meet market growth. It has also begun using five-faced machining equipment, which enables the processing of large parts with four side faces plus a top face, as well as multiple NC machines and auto-processing/automatic transport systems. We also introduced FMS production lines optimized for Naniwa Pump’s build-to-order, small quantity/multiple variety manufacturing, and our exclusive Naniwa Integrated Production Control System NIPS with drastically improved productivity. Day and night, we are striving to improve productivity along with performance and quality.

Global standard product quality that meets the world’s strict criteria.

Naniwa Pump Mfg. will move the world of the future. We comply with product quality standards in each country to ensure that we can deliver pumps not only within Japan but to global customers as well.

Certification Authority
Date of Issue

Description Certification Authority Date of Issue
The Approval Of Pump Production Business Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Det Norske Veritas Manufacturing Survey Arrangement Det Norske Veritas AS
Certificate For Approval Of Manufacturers Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
Certificate Of Quality Management System Registration (ISO 9001) Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
Certificate Of Works Approval (MODEⅡSCHEME) Breau Veritas
LR Quality Scheme Certificate Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Certificate Of Manufacturing Assessment American Bureau of Shipping
Approval Certificate For Quality Assurance System Korean Register of Shipping
Recognition Certificate Germanischer Lloyd
Certificate Of Works Approval (MODEⅠSCHEME) Breau Veritas Nov 2014
Certificate of Quality Management System Registration Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
DNV-GL Manufacturing Survey Arrangement DNV-GL Jan 2018
Certificate Of Enviromental Management System Registration
(ISO 14001)
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai Feb 2021

Valued partnerships for anytime, now and in the future.

Production managed for each user with
a full understanding of requests and issues.

Users have requests and issues regarding delivery dates and maintenance as well as product quality. For us to work closely with our customers as a trusted partner, our main objective is to continue to provide value at all times, now and in the future.
For example, if a customer says that a part is needed right away, we offer a fast and reliable parts supply. We maintain an inventory of replacement parts for delivered pumps in our computer-controlled automated warehouses. We deliver the part within two hours when there is an urgent need. Tis applies also to pumps in running condition even several decades after pump purchase. Prompt supply of replacement parts is a service that Naniwa Pump is proud to provide. By quickly grasping market trends and reflecting these findings in our materials procurement, we maintain a flexible production system as we keep delivering top-quality pumps on time.

Manufacturing and sales work together
to support users at all times.

The history of Naniwa Pump Mfg. goes back as far as its relationships with its customers. We place utmost priority on the “customer first” principle in which these relationships are rooted, a principle carried on since our founding. We always consider the right kind of partnership tailored each user. When a new order comes in, we listen carefully to the purpose of use, required specifications, and other needs. This and our ability to customize delivery dates, prices and other details along with the products for every user are the advantages we provide. Our manufacturing department does not simply focus on making products, nor does our sales department focus only on selling them. Both sides constantly share information about user issues and requests, and exchange views on customer need they discover, and we work to provide value beyond manufacturing as a partner providing the pumps that are best suitable for the users business.