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Production System

Full View of Fukui Works

Main Gate at Fukui Works

Naniwa Pump’s products are manufactured at Mihara Works and Fukui Works, which are connected to each other and with the Head Office on line, dividing their roles.

Since its completion in 1960, Mihara Works has been the main plant. It is currently active as a flexible factory with mobility in their duties, including basic design, product research and development, the handling of specific requirements and supplying parts, all while making use of the online system with the Head Office.

Fukui Works began operation in 1974 and has been active as the main factory producing middle and large sized pumps and steam turbines.

Fukui Works began using 3 machining centers with five-faced machining equipment, which enables the processing of large parts with 4 side faces plus a top face, as well as innumerable NC machines and auto-processing/automatic transport systems. In addition, 2 FMS production lines are designed specifically for Naniwa Pump, which conducts built-to order and small quantity, multiple variety manufactured products, and effectively handles all sorts of customer needs.

Naniwa Pump’s quality control system has satisfied standards requirements around the world, including ISO9001 and other various quality certifications by customers and inspection agencies, such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan (JG), Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Register (LR), Bureau Veritas (BV) , the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and the Korean Register of Shipping (KR).

In April 2011, the Naniwa Integrated Production Control System, NIPS2010 was introduced, as we continue to strive to improve productivity as well as performance and quality assurance.

Our production capability is approximately 15,000 units per year, mostly built-to-order manufacturing. The performance of each pump is checked in detail before delivery, using our checking system that includes a large sized pump measurement facility introduced in 2008, which can simultaneously examine 13 large sized pumps under actual operating environment.

Also, our computer controlled automatic warehouse has a complete set of replacement parts for pumps we’ve delivered to our customers. We have established a quick and assured parts supply service, sending out parts in less than 2 hours in emergency situations.

Naniwa Pump Manufacture Co., Ltd. works to further improve customer service with a system that will provide replacement parts in a quick and assured manner for as long as the pumps we’ve delivered are operating.

  • Standard centrifugal pump computerized testing facility (Forth plant)
  • Pump Plant & Automatic Guided Vehicles (Forth plant)
  • FMS production system (18-pallet) (First plant)
  • Vertical 5-face processing machine for processing large pumps (2 units) (First plant)
  • Interior of the computer-controlled large vertical automated warehouse (Number of cages: Max. 2000 pcs.)
  • Turbine plant (Third plant)
  • The new FMS production system enables continuous operation of 72 hours. (First plant)

  • The new automatic machine center with five-face machining equipment (Third machine)
    (First plant)